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Territory II: Lisboa expo

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Sluice magazine
Autumn 2022

Territory II: Lisboa expo edition

What deep histories shape today’s behaviours? What porous borders, rich soils, strategic navigational routes, ideological imperatives resulted in these people living here (anywhere) and sharing a broadly similar outlook? And do they, and in these fractured times are these territorial claims constructive, divisive or just inevitable?

The Sluice expo: Territory is a large-scale multi-venue examination occupying various spaces around Barreiro, Lisbon. The Territory expo consists of over 30 projects and 80 artists all questioning – in conflicting and sometimes jarring ways – the ecological, environmental and political consequences contained within territorial systems.

Agencia de Borde
Yanelys Nuñez Leyva & Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara
Natalie Tozer
Nithya Iyer
Jonny Roberts
Alistair Gentry

Dimensions: (h x w) 280 x 210 mm
Extent 80 pp
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ISSN 9772398839005

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Published: November 2022