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Sluice magazine / Spring - Summer 2019
Spring 2019

Sluice magazine

Perform. Subvert. Transform.

The Spring/Summer 2019 edition of the Sluice magazine will explore artists and projects that adopt nom de plumes or assume alter egos or ‘perform’ identities in order to either facilitate self actualisation or undermine prescribed identity/societal structures.

Nomenclature acts to position and classify its subject, what happens when labels are alternatively applied?

Artists deploy these strategies for various reasons; to step out of gendered identity; to sidestep societal and political structures; to reveal; undermine; obfuscate; embellish… all of these positions (and more) will be featured in the magazine.

Dimensions: (h x w) 280 x 210 mm
Extent 80 pp
Paper Type 120gsm

Paper Type 250gsm
Perfect Bound

ISSN 9772398839005

Print-run: 500
Published: May 2019

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