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Sluice magazine
Spring 2023


This edition of Sluice magazine is thematically arranged around the idea of an art work, an art practice or an organisational structure inhabiting a certain regional specificity, somehow embodying its regional/geographic/territorial origins.
A few of the working titles for this edition were; Localised Art, Creative Positionality, Regional specificity, Geo-Located Culture, Situated Culture, Embedded Practice. All a bit dire. The fact we cycled through so many titles is indicative of the struggle we had in defining the theme. What is regional specificity, who wants to claim it… remember when Nicolas Bourriaud tried to make the term Altermodern catch on with the cool kids?

Luke Beech
Alistair Gentry
HIVE Conference
Jaz Morrison
John Wright
MATCA Art Space
Estação Sul e Sueste

Dimensions: (h x w) 280 x 210 mm
Extent 80 pp
Paper Type 120gsm

Paper Type 250gsm
Perfect Bound

ISSN 9772398839005

Print-run: 500
Published: July 2023